The Team

Ari Brojde


Over the course of his professional career, ­­Ari has helped families grow, manage and protect their wealth. Dubbed “the good professor” by colleagues and clients alike, Ari has always challenged himself to translate complex theorems learned in investment, retirement, and trust and estate planning textbooks into practical strategies that his clients could understand and benefit from. In 2014, after completing a series of courses towards a new designation, Ari turned an idea he believed would revolutionize wealth management into a business plan. Aware that no significant business could be built by one man alone (at least not by him alone), he invited Brad over one summer day to discuss the opportunity.

Brad Kotansky


Brad has always been a serial investor: while pursuing his undergraduate BComm degree at McGill University, Brad was a member of the finance club and interned at ScotiaMcLeod for a wealth advisor; upon graduation, his passion for investing led him to Wall Street where he spent over a decade working as an investment banker, and later as an analyst and portfolio manager for various hedge funds; in 2012, he founded Prickly Pear Ventures, a real estate development firm in Phoenix, Arizona, to capture opportunities from fallout of the Real Estate crisis of 2009 (the portfolio of single-family homes he amassed was ultimately sold to ARPI, a publicly traded REIT in 2013). To this day, Brad continues to be very active in the angel and seed investing world having invested in companies such as Coupang, Synchtank, Playsight, New Hive and Jingle Punks. But one thing Brad had always wanted to do was start and operate a business of his own. Ari’s business plan was tweaked, and together the pair embarked on a search for a technical founder.

Amit Bronner


A Bachelor of Computer Science and Economics with Distinction from Tel­ Aviv University and an MSc in Artificial Intelligence with Distinction from the University of Amsterdam, Amit brings to Onist 17 years of hands-on experience that includes lead roles in financial software development as well as artificial intelligence, information retrieval and natural language processing. As senior developer and system analyst for FIS Software (today Sapiens), Amit designed and built enterprise software solutions for life insurance, pension, annuity and investment products in Belgium, France, Israel, Netherlands and UK. With Amit at the helm of Onist’s technical team, the three Onist founders then began searching for prolific engineers to round out the platform’s technical development.

Andrew Leschinsky

Lead Architect/Engineer

Throughout his 20+ years in the field of Software Engineering, Andrew has always been recognized for his no-nonsense, get-­it­-done attitude, and impressive problem-solving skills. He was most recently a senior system engineer at Slyce where he was responsible for all data ingestion and computer vision architecture. He takes pride in his work, and is highly passionate about how the Internet is changing the world. He truly enjoys coding, but excels in leading and mentoring Onist’s team of developers. As the platform began to take shape, Andrew and the Onist founders realized that while the development team had built a highly functional and complex app, it was in need of a more beautiful design and user experience.

Dima Boiko

Lead UI/UX

Both design and technology inspire Dima. After getting a master’s degree in engineering, he spent a significant amount of time being involved in ambitious robotic projects. He designed elaborated automatic systems for well-known European manufacturing companies. Having versatile marketing experience, Dima is aware of digital industry trends. At the same time, he is also very focused on building a product that meets market demand and results in user satisfaction. Over the past four years, Dima consistently improved his UX/UI expertise by taking part in a variety of digital projects. During that time, he designed a wide range of mobile and web apps, responsive websites, and interfaces for digital kiosks and big displays.