Organize your whole financial life in one secure place.

Create a dashboard that brings together all of your financial data. While other apps limit this view to bank, investment, and credit card data, Onist allows you to see your full financial picture -- including real estate assets, private investments, collectibles, business entities and their ownership structures -- all in one place. What’s more, Onist allows you to digitally store and instantly access important financial documents in an integrated and highly secure 2048-bit encrypted vault.

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Track your spending: see all your bank, credit card and investment account transactions in a single view.

Analyze what you have: Understand your global asset allocation, and what your money is, or isn’t, doing.

Scale up the complexity of your net worth: Add multiple entities and shareholders as your financial life gets more complicated.

Create an auto-updating personal or corporate balance sheet, or let your trusted financial professionals create it for you.

Automatically generate your family and corporate structure for tax, insurance and estate planning purposes.

Manage important documents in your vault, not on your financial professional’s filing system or over email.

Grant fully customizable access to family members and financial professionals.

Once you’ve seen your full financial picture, share any piece of it with the people who matter. With extensive sharing functionalities, privacy is totally tuneable: you control who sees what -- safely and securely.

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Connect your circle of trusted advisors: Create your own digital office so everyone’s on the same page.

Share data with your family: Keep everyone in the financial loop in case of emergency.

Cut down on onboarding: With all your financial information in one place, save time and money when meeting a new financial professional.

Get more personalized and accurate financial advice: Give your financial professionals your whole financial picture, or just certain parts, the choice is yours.

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As personal financial management continues to evolve and increase in complexity, the Onist team is committed to developing and bringing to market features and a suite of tools to make the managing of your personal finances more simple, intuitive, and accessible than ever before.

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