Ensure an unrivaled customer experience.

Create full transparency between you and your clients, giving customers greater control over their financial lives. Foster more trustworthy and long­-lasting relationships by adopting a client­-first, planning-centric approach.

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Help your client understand their spending behavior by accessing all their banking and credit card transactions in a single view, allowing them to benefit from proactive recommendations on how to increase savings.

Help clients visualize the complexity of their net worth: Add multiple entities and shareholders as their financial lives get more complicated.

Upload, access, and help manage important documents in your clients’ personal vault, eliminating their need for underutilized, firm-specific portals and multiple file storage applications.

Increase efficiency and productivity.

With access to your clients’ complete financial picture, empower the professionals on your team to give better informed advice.

With Onist, your team of professionals will be able to automate mission­-critical workflows previously done in spreadsheets and slide decks, while also improving efficiency of client meetings with digital onboarding.

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Optimize financial advice by understanding your client’s global asset allocation, and what their money is, or isn’t, doing.

Stay abreast of changes to your client’s financial situation by accessing auto­updating personal or corporate balance sheets

Identify opportunities for insurance, tax, and estate planning by automatically generating your clients’ family and corporate structure

Go digital.

Give the professionals on your team access to complete, up­-to­-date, and accurate client information in real­time.

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Save time: Accelerate client acquisition and satisfaction. Reduce onboarding from weeks to one day by minimizing paperwork, manual entries, duplication of tasks and wasteful meetings.

Minimize costs: Move to the cloud, eliminating the need to install, backup, and maintain expensive hardware and software.

Augment revenues: Unlock latent opportunities for providing more, higher value-­add services to clients.

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As family financial management continues to evolve and increase in complexity, the Onist team is committed to developing and bringing to market features and a suite of tools to help businesses make the managing of their clients’ finances more simple, intuitive, and accessible than ever before.

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