About Us

Our history

In early 2014, as Brad’s father’s ability to track and manage his net worth had dwindled, he asked his son to take on the task of organizing and maintaining his assets. Brad called Ari -- who at the time worked for the biggest wealth manager in Canada -- to see if there existed any software tool which he could recommend for the job.

Ari had been looking for such a tool for a while, but for a different reason. As a wealth advisor, Ari found it difficult to optimize the advice he gave to his high net-worth clients, most of whom had substantial assets outside his care -- without seeing their full financial picture.

For several months, the two exchanged emails detailing their marketplace research. In August 2014, this research culminated in a search for a technical founder. When Amit Bronner joined Ari and Brad in November 2014, Onist was born.

Who we are

Onist is an integrated software platform that facilitates the collaboration between individuals and financial professionals on all financial matters.

Our vision is to provide consumers and the financial professionals with whom they work with the world’s most robust online financial services hub by privately and securely providing access to the highest quality tools and high-human-touch professional financial services, all with the click of a button from within the app.

What we stand for


  • What you see is what you get
  • Transparent in why we do what we do, how we do it, and how we get paid for it
  • Communications about financial matters should never be candy-coated


  • Two heads are better than one; three heads are better than two. We believe humans are better when we work together, not on our own islands
  • We believe in increased literacy, accessibility, and inclusion for financial matters
  • We believe in paying-it-forward initiatives


  • The real world does not accept participation awards; customers choose winners
  • We expect our performance to be at the highest level. That includes a high functioning app, high customer support
  • We strive for continuous growth to reinforce our leadership position.
  • We continuously improve the productivity of our assets, resources and everything we do.